How To Identify and Save Your Wasted Fabric

It's always a good idea to plan ahead when you're sewing, especially if your fabric stash is looking a little low. The easiest way to make sure that you don't waste any of your precious fabric.

Make sure you cut pieces for the pattern in the order that they are used. This will ensure that there isn't any leftover fabric from the pattern and also save time by not having to go back and re-cut anything after all of the cutting has been completed.

This article will show you how it's done! Read on for more information about keeping your fabrics intact, and get ready to sew with confidence!

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When you're cutting out your fabric pieces, it's important to pay attention to the grainline. This is the direction that the threads in the fabric are running, and it can have a big impact on how your finished garment looks. If you're not sure which way the grainline is running, take a look at the selvedge edge of your fabric (the finished edge that comes on bolts of fabric from the store). The grainline should be running parallel to the selvedge.

Cutting with the grain will result in less stretch in your final garment, so if you're working with a fabric that doesn't have much give to it, like denim or canvas, this is the way to go. On the other hand, if you're working with a fabric that has a lot of stretch, like knit fabrics, you'll want to cut against the grain. This will help your garment retain its shape after it's been sewn.

Once you've determined which way the grainline is running, it's time to start cutting out your pattern pieces. Begin by finding the piece that will be used first in the construction of the garment and lay it out on the fabric. If possible, try to center the piece on the fabric so that there is an equal amount of fabric on either side. This will give you the most options for placing other pattern pieces later on.

After the first piece is cut out, move on to the next one. Again, try to center it on the fabric so that there is as little wasted fabric as possible. Continue cutting out all of the pattern pieces until they are all accounted for.

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