How To Care For Rayon Fabric: Here's Everything You Need To Know

Rayon fabric is incredibly soft, lightweight, breathable, and affordable. It’s a great option for summer wear because it wicks moisture away from the skin and helps regulate body temperature.

This delicate fabric is a little tricky to care for, however. Here's everything you need to know about caring for this popular summer fabric!

Why Rayon Is Great For Summer

rectangular neck rayon summer dress

Rayon fabric is a great option for summer wear because it wicks moisture away from the skin and helps regulate body temperature. Because of its breathability, it's also a good choice for those with hot-weather sensitivities. This fabric is light and has natural UV protection.

A major benefit of rayon is its affordability. Rayon fabric is small in price but big in size!

Another reason to love rayon is that it’s machine-washable without having to worry about any shrinkage! It’s a quick and affordable way to keep your linen or cotton fabrics looking their best all summer long!

Rayons are available in a variety of colors so you can match them to your décor or clothing style easily. You can find rayon fabric in many different styles: noiseless, soft, lustrous, matte, and glossy.

The Basics of Rayon Care

red rese color rayon fabric

Rayon is an interesting fabric to care for. It's delicate, so it needs to be treated more gently than other fabrics like cotton.

 Rayon deserves a little extra care. Here are some basics about caring for this fabric:

  1. Rayon is a delicate fabric and should never be washed in hot water
  2. Treat rayon by hand with cold water or mild detergent
  3. If you need to wash your rayon, use the gentle cycle on your washing machine
  4. Never wring or twist rayon when drying because that could cause it to tear
  5. Always iron on the reverse side of the fabric

What To Do If You Get A Stain on your Rayon Fabric

If you’re faced with a stain on your rayon fabric, there are a few things you can do to remove it.

First, dab the stain with cold water. This will help minimize the staining and reduce swelling of the stain. If this doesn’t work, soak a cloth in cool water and wring it out so that it’s damp. Place the wet towel on the stain for about 20 minutes. After soaking for 20 minutes, use a cloth soaked in cool water and blot up any excess moisture.

Next, place another clean towel on top of the stained area and weigh down the edges with books or other heavy objects until all of the moisture is absorbed.

Finally, machine wash your garment in cold water using an enzyme detergent or gentle detergent to remove stains according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Do not put your rayon garment in with another laundry because its delicate fibers tend to be easily damaged by hard finishes (like those found on jeans). You can also mix two tablespoons of salt into one cup of cool water and pour it into a large bowl before adding your garment. Let your garment sit in this mixture overnight before washing as usual.

How to Bring Your Rayon Back To Life

mustard color rayon fabric dailt wear simple printed dress

Rayon fabric is a fragile fabric. If you want to keep your rayon looking its best, here are some tips on how to care for rayon:

  • Don't use bleach or harsh chemicals, as these will slowly eat away at the fibers of the fabric.
  • Make sure you store your rayon in a cool, dry place.
  • If you find that your rayon has a stain or hole (which happens more often than you think), it’s time to retire it!

What to Avoid When Washing Your Rayon

washing rayon fabric

Rayon fabric is a delicate material that should be treated with care when washed. It's important to avoid exposure to harsh detergents and chemicals, as this can cause fading and other damage.

The best way to wash rayon fabrics is by hand. A gentle detergent will help remove stains from your clothing without harming the fibers.

Be sure to launder rayon fabrics in cold water only and avoid the use of bleach or chlorine bleach. When choosing detergents, look for those that are phosphate-free, which will not harm the natural dyes used in rayon fabrics.

Avoid using fabric softeners as they often coat fibers and prevent them from absorbing moisture and keeping you cool on hot days!


This article provides a comprehensive overview of how to care for rayon fabric. If you want to know more about this fabric, this post is a good place to start.

As for how to care for rayon fabric, you don’t need a lot of specialized knowledge. Follow the tips in this article, and your rayon will be some of the best you’ve ever had.

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