The different types of fabric available at Darbari

Whether you are looking for a suit for your wedding or a formal meeting, the crucial decision is the type of fabrics you purchase.

The appropriate fabric does it work and makes your cloth look more stunning. Different types of fabrics behave differently. Some will be warmer, more comfortable, durable, and retain shape better than others.

For every occasion, you require different outfits, so you need different fabrics. Which one you choose depends on your comfort and requirement.

Where do you find different types of fabrics? Which shop provides you with the quality fabric with a guarantee? It’s none other than Darbari. At Darbari, you have various fabrics at affordable prices.

Here’s our guide to different types of fabrics:


 pink Cotton fabric

Which fabric is better than cotton? Cotton is the most comfortable and soft fabric favourable in both seasons. Who does not want to feel warm in winter without the burden of too many clothes?

Cotton is that type of fabric. It provides warmth without feeling too bulky on the body.

The best part of cotton is its easy maintenance. It’s a popular fabric for everyday wear clothes.

Cotton is a popular and most preferred fabric for making clothes, but sometimes it faces consequences. Cotton is a fabric that might rip against the object or snag when caught against jewellery. 

Whether it’s winter or summer, cotton is the best fabric. For the best quality cotton, visit Darbari. Your favourite summer dress won’t wait too long.




Do you guys love traditional British tailoring? Most of you must like that style and wants to recreate the look. One such type of fiber is Tweed. It’s a rough woven woollen fabric and is exceptionally durable.

This type of fabric is perfect for outerwear because of its water-resistant property. It is also famous for designing hand wear and informal suits such as shooting.



Another excellent fabric for summers is linen, as it drapes well over the body without much irritation. This fabric is perfect for summers apparels such as t-shirts, dresses, and tops.

The fabric is more durable than cotton and dries rapidly. The composition of linen makes it porous and excellent moisture absorbent.

Everyone loves colours and wants to wear rich-coloured dresses. Linen, a natural fiber, holds the dye color better than other materials.
Does it work for you? If yes, grab it from Darbari.


Darbari Dupion Silk - Raw Silk Fabric- Mint Green

Silk is the best seller fabric of Darbari. We have the finest and richest quality silk available.

Which fabric is soft, shinny, and durable? Of course, silk. The one who had worn silk outfits once in their life can relate to this.

Silk is a fabric known for its shine, durability, and lustre.

It absorbs heat and keeps your body warm, making its place for winter outfits. The only downfall of silk is elasticity. Silk is not elastic fabric, so it will not hug your figure like others. It needs extra care and maintenance ,but is a excellent fabric.



Wool is a popular winter fabric with naturally insulating properties. Despite the introduction of synthetic fabrics and advanced products, wool remains a unique fabric.

The fabric is durable, fire-resistant breathable, Odour-resistant, moisture aborting, and insulating, making it perfect for a winter wardrobe.

After all, what else do you need in your winter fabric?

It will regulate your temperature and keeps you comfortable and warm. Sweating and perspiration during exercise will not be a problem anymore in winters.

At Darbari, you will find different types of wool at the minimum price possible.



Want an elastic fabric? Lycra is another name for elasticity.

The fabric is highly elastic and can stretch up to 7-8 times the usual size. It’s a whole rubber band in the name of the fabric. Due to its elasticity, the fabric is applicable for making sweatpants, underwear, or stretchy bottoms.

The fabric is blended with cotton to decrease its elasticity. This mixed fabric is used for making sweatshirts. Socks, swimsuits, and clothes for biking and hiking are all made from Lycra.



Denim is a magnificent and popular fabric these days. Denim shirts, dresses, and jeans are exceptionally suited for every occasion. Denim is cotton, created using a twill weave. The fabric is known for its durability and strength. Though it’s a rough material, it is soft and breathable.

From Indigo to Sanforized denim, Darbari provides all the denim fabric of the finest quality in the UK.



If we talk about luxury, Cashmere is an excellent choice. It’s a traditional British fabric is made from fine wool fibers.

As it’s a blended fabric, so it does not provide warmth like pure wool. It is lightweight and softer than sheep wool, making it a little more expensive than others.

Due to their softness and strength, Cashmere sweaters, and pullovers are popular items sold in the UK.


 Nylon polyester Fabric

When we are talking about Nylon and polyester two popular synthetic fabrics with a range of benefits.

The beauty of Synthetic fabric is that you can meld the fabric according to your needs. Nylon and polyester are moisture absorbent, making them perfect for sports clothing. 

It’s budget-friendly fabrics and available in different weights and densities. One of the drawbacks of polyester/nylon is durability. Unlike natural fabrics like wool and cotton, nylon isn’t durable and needs extra care when washing. They could rip off easily.

It’s a popular fabric and is available at Darbari.


If we walk into traditional British fabric shops, Corduroy hits the list. It’s a woven fabric created using twisted fibers that give a tufted effect.

Due to its excellency in strength, Corduroy fabrics are perfect for making trousers and other clothing. It is also known as home decor fabrics ,and primary choice for cushions, seat covers, table cloths, etc.

These were the different types of fabrics available at Darbari. The charm of outfits depends on the fabric used for making them. Why would you compromise the comfort and looks of your outfit?

Explore the elegant collection of Darbari and bless your wardrobe.

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