Guide To Using Velvet Fabric In Home Furnishing

If you are into using velvet fabric for home furnishing, then you would probably agree that there is nothing like it. When I first got hold of some velvet material to make throw pillows with, I knew my decision was right.

There's something about its deep color and lush texture that makes any upholstery projects complete. It may be a bit on the expensive side, but this article will tell you why it's worth investing in it.

The rich texture of this fabric adds character to your room's décor without spending too much money on designer upholstery project . This versatile material can pretty much suit all kinds of interior design ideas - both classic and modern.

Even though it's soft and supple to touch, it has a certain quality that makes it resistant to stains, dirt and fading. Once you have made the decision to use velvet for your upholstery project , there are a few things that you need to remember.

In this article we shall take a look at some of the things you should keep in mind while using velvet fabric for home furniture:

1) If redecorating a room with velvet touches is on your mind, then consider going all out or go neutral. Velvet can be used as window treatments , upholstered furniture, decorative pillows & wall hangings . Combine other textured fabrics like silk & cotton with velvet in smaller accessories such as lampsshades & rugs.

2) When using this fabric for larger projects like sofas, chairs, benches & ottomans, remember to use pure velvet instead of velvet blends. If you are looking for durability, then consider using cotton velvet.

3) Do not use velvet on seating areas that face the sun directly. There is a good chance of the fabric fading if sunlight falls directly on it. Use velvet on window seats, but make sure you use sheer fabrics like silk or lace curtains .

4) The color red is best avoided when working with . If you still want to go ahead with it, then keep the rest of furniture in colors like white , beige or black. Dark red velvet gets dirty very easily and requires special attention.

5) If you are looking to purchase off-the-rack velvet stuff for your home furnishings, then avoid buying anything that has loose threads . Smaller wear & tear marks/holes can be repaired, but loose threads can unravel the entire piece.

6) The best way to clean furniture upholstered in velvet fabric is by using good old soap & water . Use a sponge to apply lukewarm water on the surface followed by gentle scrubbing (with soap if there are stains). Rinse thoroughly until all traces of dirt disappear before drying it completely with an old cloth. It is best to clean it when it is dry as water can leave spots if the piece gets wet.

7) Velvet does not require a lot of maintenance , but some extra care while using & storing will definitely add years to its life. Always keep the material away from sunlight and never set it wet on a surface that can get damaged by moisture . Use a sturdy hanger with broad shoulder straps if you are planning to hang this fabric for storage purposes.

8) Don't get tempted into buying cheap stuff just because it might be available at a lower price. Remember that cheap material is inexpensive for a reason - the cost has been cut somewhere else during production! It can also be very uncomfortable to sit on if you are not careful while choosing the right piece.

9) Always remember to pre-test your upholstery cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area, before attempting to clean the entire piece of furniture . Make sure you clean stains immediately since dirt can cause permanent discoloration of this fabric. Try to avoid wetting the fabric while cleaning it - slightly damp cloth should do the trick.

Finally, I would like to stress upon using velvet in moderation because large pieces of upholstery work done entirely in this fabric do not go well with all kinds of interiors. If you are doing an entire room makeover , then use larger accessories like curtains, pillows, throws & upholstered headboards. You can even use it for wall hangings or table runners to add that touch of luxury!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article on velvet fabric and home furniture !

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Have a great day friends!

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