How to Match your Turban to your Outfit

Turban is an Indian-originated culture likely to be followed by Punjabis, specifically in India and in India. In Indian culture, a turban is a sign of self-respect and tradition. A Turban is a headwear made out of cloth to cover hair and show respect to their faith and religion. This tradition of wearing the turban is not about the trend, as it's prevailed since the time of Guru Nanak Ji, and people are continuing the tradition of wearing a turban.

Even though it is an old tradition, it seems like it's a never-ending tradition, and people will follow it irrespective of society's thinking. Everyone and community have their meaning of turban, but it's status of unity and respect for many people.

Turban not only aloft the elegance of your personality, but also adds a charm to your outfit. Wearing a turban that complements the sense of styling will enhance your appearance, personality, and character near your surroundings.

Either wear the afro turban, Arab turban, or Sikh turban, each had a unique look and will be a better option to match with your outfit. Are you in a dilemma? Go check out Darbari!

There are different styling of turbans such as:

  1. Punjabi Turbans:- Punjabi Turbans are very different from Sikh turbans.
  2. Rajasthani Turbans:- Rajasthani turbans are mostly preferred in Rajasthan, and only men in Rajasthan can wear the turban, unlike Punjabis, where both men and women can wear a turban.
  3. Patiala Shai Turban: Patiala turban is named after the ruler The Maharaja Patiala.
  4. Sikh Turban:- Sikh turban is a sign of equality which was an official policy made by Guru Gobind Singh Ji to wear a turban.
  5. Maharashtrian Turban:- Maharashtrian turbans are generally considered officially at weddings.

The general colors used for turbans are-

  1. Black: Black is considered a versatile color that can be paired with any color.
  2. Pink: Even though pink is said to be a 'girly' color, people love wearing turbans. The man with the pink turban looks charming and joyful. Pink is considered a shade that gives summer vibes.
  3. Blue: Blue is another color that invests in summer reasons. Only a sect of Sikhs is only allowed to wear blue.
  4. White: People who are saints tend to worship in their life mostly wearing white. Also at the wedding, white turbans are preferred among all.
  5. Yellow: Yellow is a bright and fun color. Wearing a yellow turban is often considered an inspiration to wear.

Now lets us look that the parameters to match the turbans with the outfits

  1. Season
  2. Weather
  3. Outfit
  4. Occasion

They are dependent on each other while considering a matching turban.

Guide to Color matching:-

A bright color paired with a neutral-colored outfit is a perfect combination that attracts attention.

Staple colors such as black and white can be paired with any outfit and lead to a safe play.

Having a single-colored outfit can be paired with either the same or contrasting color, and then you are good to go.

Pastel colors are preferred in summer as they are light and subtle in need. It is easy to match, approachable, and looks flawless after styling it.

Wearing a turban is a must but accessorizing it with some appliques such as a broach, waistcoats, etc., where a simple turban can give an authentic look.

Now next step is a guide to choosing a turban according to its material:

To have a perfect fit and comfort, a turban is to be selected based on material and its comfortableness, where the material determines the turbans.


pink rubia voile turban fabric

It is a material used for a strong and thick turban, where the cloth is soft, but its impression is strong. This type of turban is usually worn during the winters or if traveling in a cold atmosphere.

Rubia Voile


It is used to make turbans as it is soft and durable. It is made up of cotton and a mix of Rubia yarn and voile yarn. It is recommended during summers because the fabric is light in weight.


Full Voile

Darbari Full Voile Turban Dastaar Spanish Green

It is soft, and 100% made up of cotton. The material is light weighted and has a transparent finish. This type of material is mostly used in USA and UK for the turbans worn by Sikhs.


 Malmal fabric

It is also known as F74 and is pure cotton made with 2*2 layered weaving. It is the thinnest of all materials to choose for a turban.

As there are several materials available to make a turban, a person can choose accordingly to go for a turban material in terms of comfort level, affordability, and adaptability. Check out Darbari.

Moving forward with the season, all seasons have their mood and joy and colors depict these seasons. You must have different feelings and different colors for summer, spring, winter, autumn, or rainy.

For summers, usually pink, yellow, blue, and white colors are considered. For autumn/ winter you will like to consider rusty blue, royal blue, red, black, maroon or grey, etc. For spring mustard, baby blue, and bay leafy green are recommended.

Though black is a color that has its authentic look that goes with either wedding or in daily. The black turban is not about which season since it is suitable in all.


To the trendiest, the one outfit that has never been off track in the fashion is a suit with a check printed with a black turban and traditional footwear. The most Indian and authentic look that has never gone off track. Coming to a women's outfit, a Punjabi suit with the same color turban shows a delicacy in the outfit with traditional footwear and results in a chic outfit for different occasions.

That's a guide to match your outfit and turban. At Darbari you will get a huge collection of different types of materials, and colors at an affordable rate. Your comfort is never compromised with fashion. Want to wear an amazing turban for the coming festival? So what are you waiting for? Go to Darbari and explore the new and trendiest clothing!.

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