Types of Dupatta Designs Every Women Need

Religiously inclined and more fashionable women are interested in dupattas, especially in the Asian continent. A dupatta is designed in many ways, such as salwar-kameez, Kurti-jeans, suits, etc. Dupatta is apparel that gives both an ethnic and an Indo-Western look. Having a dupatta from an article of simple clothing like material to all different prints and patterns, be it floral, check, shapes, etc., gives a look of elegance and realness for sure.

In countries like India and Pakistan, a dupatta is an article of clothing, a part of everyone's wardrobe irrespective of gender. There are numerous types of dupatta designs available in the market. The market has a craze for these types of dupatta designs abroad. Let us look at some short tricks and tips on how you can style a dupatta- 

  • A good fabric dupatta can be used as a hijab for Muslim women.
  • A dupatta can make your outfit more subtle and beautiful.
  • The knot-style dupatta gives an Indo-western look.
  • Wearing a light weighted embroidered dupatta over a heavily designed outfit will enhance your beauty and vice-versa.
  • In terms of bridals, draping two dupattas looks elegant. 

There are several dupatta designs. Let's see some of them:

 1. Gota Patti Dupatta

Gota Patti Dupatta

The Gota Patti dupatta design is never going to be an off-trend design and can be styled on all kinds of fibers like net, chiffon, silk, and others. This dupatta design looks good in a bright color, which can be glammed up with simple suits.

 2. Georgette Fabric Dupatta

Georgette Fabric Dupatta

The dupatta design is mainly paired with a simple salwar-kameez, which can be topped up with bangles and jhumkas. The dupatta design is mainly used with Anarkali dresses and Pishwas dresses. 

3. Net Fibre Dupatta 

Net Fibre Dupatta

The net fiber dupatta is light in weight. A net fiber dupatta design is paired with floral and design patches, which enhances the look of the dupatta design. The dupatta works with anything and everything.

4. Dupatta in Chiffon Fiber


The chiffon-fiber dupatta is light in weight and extremely flimsy, that is why it is paired with all types of styling. Chiffon fiber dupatta is designed in plain, floral, and embroidered dupatta designs that are soft to touch and comfortable while wearing with heavy style.

5. A Floral Print Dupatta

A Floral Print Dupatta

The floral print looks good with the coming of the spring season to summer. A floral printed dupatta design acts as a neck scarf over the outfit, which gives an immersion of hand painting. It is a versatile dupatta with minimal embroidery that makes a big difference in style and outfit.

6. Chanderi Dupatta

Chanderi Dupatta

The Chanderi dupatta design is light in weight and gives a luxurious feel. The dupatta is made up of the weaving of silk and golden zari of cotton yarn to have a sparkly effect on the dupatta design. The dupatta looks gorgeous while topped with a kalamkari suit.

7. Velvet Dupatta 

Velvet Dupatta

Velvet is a winter-oriented fiber. A velvet dupatta design is typically styled by the bride during the winter. It adds a unique beauty to the whole look. Since the velvet dupatta design is heavy, it becomes really hard to carry. Also, wearing minimal makeup is suggested while pairing with a velvet dupatta. 

8. Banarasi Dupatta


The Banarasi dupatta design gives a royal princess look, which is widely preferred and loved by Indian women. They are heavy and are meant for big galas where they look shiny and vibrant irrespective of the weather and attire. This Indian attire looks simple yet gorgeous. 

These are the most common styles of dupattas worn by women.

Now let us look at some of the specialties and attractive dupatta designs that can be paired with suits and styling.


 1. Rajasthani Dupatta

 Rajasthani Dupatta

The name itself suggests the origin of the dupatta design in Rajasthan, India.

 During this period, this Rajasthani dupatta design is getting a lot of attention, and most girls try to pair it with an Indo-western look. It is comfortable, simple, and looks beautiful with simple attire too.

 2. Hijab


Fiber is made up of satin, and crepe fabric and is suggested for the hijab, which has a shiny, sleek, and luxurious touch. The hijab-like material is usually used to cover the head and more in the Muslim religion.  

3. Madhubani Dupatta

Madhubani Dupatta

The Madhubani is a style of painting that can be seen in Indian culture, there is a Madhubani dupatta too. The Madhubani dupatta is a phenomenon that reflects the feminine, people, and animals. Madhubani has generated curiosity in both art and culture and the fashion industry to have more options.

 4. Tie-Dye Dupatta

 Tie-Dye Dupatta

This Tie and Dye is no different from the tie and dying of your T-shirt, but this tie and dye dupatta design will give you room to be creative in designing your outfit with your colours exclusively. This tie and dye work well on cotton dupatta, which is commonly used in the summer for draping a simple attire for hangouts.

 5. Work Dupatta Jaal 

Work Dupatta Jaal

The dupatta is designed for festive wear and to adorn festive wear. They seem to be see-through with jaal type work with multi-coloured threads. To dazzle the dupatta, extra appliques are adorned to give it a heavy look.

 6. Sequined Dupatta 


The sequin dupatta is made up of net dupatta-type material but is slightly different in terms of design. The sequin dupatta has different appliques such as stones and diamonds, which shine over the surface of the dupatta. The little touch-up is done by adding lace to the dupatta.

 7. Digitally printed Dupatta

 Digitally printed Dupatta

Digitally designed dupattas, which are in vogue and carry a zany look in the dupatta, are the most suitable for an Indo-Western look, especially for girls.

 8. Shawl Dupatta

Shawl Dupatta

Shawl Dupattas are made of warm materials and are intended to be worn in the winter. They look modest, and fashionable and keep you warm at the same time. These shawls have two types of dupatta designs; one is a simple one that can be used for daily errands, and the second is a most exotic and royal impression tilla shawl that can be used during the festive season and weddings during winter.

9. Phulkari Dupatta

Phulkari Dupatta

Phulkari is a very refined embroidery work of the Punjab region. The word phul means flower and kari mean craft, Phulkari is the art of making beautiful intricate designs and motifs on fabrics with different colored threads. A variation of Phulkari is Bagh work, literally meaning garden, a variation where the embroidery completely covers the material entirely, it is called bagh (a garden of flowers). 

Now, do you want to get a dupatta? Are you in doubt about where to buy in the UK? Just go for Darbari!.

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