Learn How To Tie Different Turbans : Turban Style Guide

People from different religions wear and have their perspectives on wearing a turban with the attire. Though the turban is closely associated with Sikhs around the world, a country like India has different religions and beliefs about wearing a turban. A turban is also used to cover the head from the sun, and even a turban has become a fashion statement nowadays. For a turban, all you need is the right choice of cloth and a piece of good knowledge on how to tie a turban.

There are some different ways of tying a turban. Let's jump on it:


A patka is commonly used by Sikhs and is considered a turban for children. It also helps to secure the hair and has a smooth texture to fit a turban. Sikh athletes prefer to have their hair secured in place with the help of a patka.
Pile up your hair and twist it to make a thick rope of hair to form a rough bun on the head to support the turban.
Wrap the thick rope of hair in the form of a bun, making a knot on the head and securing it with the elastic band.
Take a square-shaped cloth, either cotton or polyester, to have a comfortable yet lightweight on the head to wrap the bun over the head. Usually, the cloth has threads to pull to make it simpler.
Place the small cloth piece over the bun/knot and pull up the edges of the cloth and pass them through over the ears and slightly pull up the thread to have proper coverage over the bun or tie a small knot to place the small piece of cloth on the bun.

That's how a patka is worn in the Sikh community. Moving on with the second way:-

A PaghTying a pagh

A Pagh, also known as a dastar, is worn by Sikh people, a long and thin wrap called a pooni. The length of the cloth determines the size of the turban; the longer the cloth, the larger the turban. This piece is wrapped over the small patkas. The use of 3 m long and 2-meter wide cloth is preferred for the turban.
Take the cloth and stretch it as much as you can to have elasticity. Tie one of the corners of the cloth with a solid base and stretch it from the second corner. Hold the two corners and tuck them with the last two corners so that the cloth does not unwrap the bun.
Now take your pooni and tuck it in or else hold it with the help of your mouth. Now free your hand and start wrapping the cloth side by side, moving the pooni to create a turban. The choice is yours to have a plain, textured, or wrinkled turban. Don't forget to cover your earlobes as well to have a proper shape and a fixed turban.
Now tie and diagonally wrap the cloth and then slowly move in the staggering way of overlapping the cloth, side by side, moving with pooni to form a turban.
Now tuck another end, placed with solid structure or with the help of a mouth, around the turban and tuck it into the fold of the turban. Tuck it slightly deep into the turban's layered folds so that it doesn't come out.

The more you search, the more ideas for wearing a turban are there. Now let us look at some of the simple yet beautiful turbans. Moving on with the third way:-

A basic turban TYING basic turban

A basic turban involves a turban that does not have any specific requirements and can be worn easily by anyone.
Take the piece of cloth you want to have for your turban long enough to have a turban.
Now take one end of the cloth and hold it with the help of your mouth.
Now free your hands and slowly start wrapping up the cloth in the shape of a turban in a diagonal way, passing through the upper end of the ears.
When the cloth is almost wrapped, take the end and put it in the first layered stage to have a good turban.
Now, after placing, take the end you are holding with the mouth and pull it to the back and tuck it into the end layered stage.
You are now ready to rock the fashionable and versatile look of a turban.

A Turban for a Fortress

tying Turban for a Fortress
A fortress turban is the simplest one tried by all children, men or women. Everyone can have a fortress turban for their look and attire.
Take the fabric for the turban and put the end in with the help of your mouth and tuck it in from the left side.
Start wrapping the cloth of the head from the left side itself and wrap it from the low-top-bottom in 1 layer moving it in the left-top center, passing it through the left earlobes and top center, taking it to the right side earlobes and back with the top centre.
By the end, the top of the turban will look like a bow, and tuck the end corner from the center and tuck it slightly deep into the layers.
Now pull the other end assured with your mouth to the back and tuck it around the back, exposing the part of the patka.
Stretch it and adjust the turban accordingly.

Ready with the turban!

There are different ways to tie a turban. Having seen different ways of turban, different fabrics are involved in the making of the turban. Whether you want a vibrant color or want to rock your turban in cool colours, Darbari has everything.

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