How to Style Your Turban: Simple Turban Styling Guides

Tying a turban is a part of your culture. Turbans have served the status of royalty, religion, and loyality and now have become a fashion statement.

Well, the ways to style turbans do not have a definite number. Turbans are famous in India and many other Asian countries. Men and women tie turbans in different styles and make a new line in fashion statements.

The difference in the styling of the turbans is what we call diversity of religion and community. Every community incorporates its unique style that enhances its beauty and culture.

Although turbans served the function of culture and religion, it has become a fashion statement. The conventional method of tying a turban has transformed into different styles. There are fabrics, materials, and ways to tie a turban. You can have different color combinations for the same turban or can flaunt your look in a Rajasthani turban.

The guide to turban styling is here. Let's catch up on the most authentic and unique turban style guide.

Turban Styling Guides-

As already told, there is no definite number to tie turbans. Every community has its way and reflects its culture and tradition.

The Punjabi turban is usually round around the edges and has a sharply pointed shape on the top. Rajasthani turbans have a round shape overall. The Patiala Shahi's turban is about pleats around the side and a sharp point at the top.

Maharashtrian turbans have loose pleats on the top with a hanging cloth behind the head( it's optional to leave it hanging or not).

This was an introduction to the different style guides for turban. Let's catch the details now.

A guide to Different Styling Turbans

  • Punjabi Turban patka

Punjabis are known for their turban as it is the most headgear one will notice in North India. For the Punjabi turban, choose a thinner and breathable fabric. It will keep you comfortable, fresh, and easier to fold.

The steps are as follows-

  1. Take the fabric and fold it lengthwise. Remember, the length should be 2 inches after folding four times.
  2. You have to tie your hair into a bun on the top. Avoid making it too tight as it might turn into a headache.
  3. Patka is a fabric that goes around the Punjabi turban. In the third step, you have to tie a Patka, creating a layer for tying the turban.
  4. Wrap the cloth diagonally around three to four times around the head, and you will see layers on the top of your head.
  5. Tuck in the remaining loose ends, and you are ready!
  • Rajasthani Turban Rajasthani Turban

It's the tradition of Rajputs to wear a Rajasthani turban.

What if you have to attend a wedding wearing a Rajasthani Turban? We have everything. Here is the guide-

  1. Take a bright and vibrant color fabric as the Rajasthani turban is all about colors.
  2. Now, take the cloth, hold it on one ear and start wrapping it around your head while twisting and turning it.
  3. Keep doing it until the cloth finishes.
  4. Once you have completed it, put the last bit of the cloth into the turban, and you are ready to flaunt the Rajputana style.
  • Patiala Shahi - The Royal turban Patiala Shahi - The Royal turban

The name itself reveals the essence of royalty and imperialism. Patiala Shahi Turban is famous due to the ruler Maharaja of Patiala. It is slightly different from the Punjabi turban.

Let's see how.

  1. Buy the rich quality fabric and start wrapping it from one ear, taking the folded cloth across the head and slowly taking it down to the other side.
  2. Now take the cloth upwards from the other ear back to the one you started.
  3. It will create pleats in the turban.
  4. Tuck it neatly, and you are ready with the Patiala Shahi turban.

Turban styling guide for women

Turbans have become a wealth and fashion statement in Africa, a way to show their social status without speaking about it.

The country has inspired the world, and many people are addressing the style to enhance their fashion look.

Here are some fascinating styles to tie a turban for women. Let's dig it, ladies!

  • The Sugar Hippie                     The Sugar Hippie turban

For this look, you need to fold the fabric as per your wish and wrap it behind with a knot until it's comfortable. Avoid overdoing it, and fold it neatly.

  • The queen of Egypt looks.      The queen of Egypt looks turban

It's a unique and strained look. How to style this turban?

Take the cloth, make a band from it and wrap it around the head. While warping it around the head, make a bow at the side of the head. You are ready!

  • Afro style Turban Afro style Turban

This look is quite common and loved by women. For creating this look, tie your hair in a high ponytail, and start wrapping the cloth, covering the ponytail in a bun ( covering the entire head from behind and showing off the hair bun). Place the ends of the turban at the tip of your head and complete the look.

  • The classy lookThe classy look turban

The classy look is the trendy and simple style to tie a turban with a touch of elegance. Warp your hair under the cloth and tie a knot above the forehead. You can either make braids or leave the hair open.

  • The Quick chic               The Quick chic turban

Are you in a hurry and want to style an easy and handy turban? The quick chic style is all you need at this moment.

Divide your hair into two big twists, wrap the cloth entirely over your head and tie a knot behind the head. It hardly takes 5 minutes to style the turban.

It was the guide to styling the turban without compromising the fashion. We hope you have good learning and rock your next look. The guide to style turban is useless if you don't purchase the appropriate fabric.

The glamour and gaze come with the quality of the fabric you are investing in for the turbans. Darbari offers a range of products for your needs without compromising quality and affordability.


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