How to Buy Winter Fashion Fabric: Tips and tricks for buying fabrics

Quality over quantity matters, and this is the only rule that should be applied while buying cloth in either of the seasons and fabric. Changing season means a change in clothing too. There is a lot of fashion style to cope with the winters. It has been noticed that many people recommend color and layering when selecting the fabric.

It seems like fashion in winter is not a possible way? Winter is considered an unfashion season where style cannot exist because prioritizing comfort and warmth is the basic need in the winters. Winter is all about fabric and style made out of it.

Styling in winter is all about layering, comfort, warmth, and style or fashion. Usually, it is the myth that winter cannot have any styling, such as in summers.

Winter apparel such as sweaters, coats, blazers, to snugly scarfs, itself has the quality and look to have flawless styling.


Now let's look at the guide to buying a fabric during winters:

We know, and that is what our ancestors told us, while buying a piece of fabric for winter, which are:

  1. Purchase the cloth which has a warmth in it
  2. Try to purchase a wool cloth
  3. Purchase either a fit size or a large one.


The fabric which is advised to be purchased during winters are:

1- Cotton

cotton fabric

Cotton is a comprehensive fabric, used irrespective of weather. It is considered for winter as well in terms of layering. Layering a full sleeve cotton tee can give a winter vibe to the style. Cotton reflects a great supplement to wool if anyone is allergic to wool and can be used for layering. Though cotton absorbs moisture, it is not the best choice for winters, but the cloth which is an all-rounder cannot be off the list. So cotton can be used in the layering process in the winters.


2- Wool


Wool, the first choice during winter from ancestors to the date. Wool is an insulator that helps to keep the body warm in a cold climate. Wool is water absorbent, so it tends to keep the body warm and provide its best to its ability. Since wool is light-weighted, durable, and a strong piece of fabric for winter, it can resist winter's waves. Wool is 100% biodegradable fabric which means it is sustainable and is eco-friendly to both humans and nature. Wool is the best fabric to consider during winters concerning both the fabric and styling. Some types of wool to be considered while purchasing a wool fiber are -Merino wool, Lambs wool, Flannel wool, Tweed, Worsted wool, Shearling, Mohair, Cashmere, Angora, Alpaca, etc. Most wool is shiny, which means wool keeps a high benchmark of comfort, warmth, and styling.

3- Faux Fur

 Faux Fur fabric


Fur is a fiber that is soft and gives a joyful feel. The fur is puffy, warm, and elegant in its looks. The masterpiece is affordable and is an alternative to real fur. Although real fur is warm, it affects the fauna. Fur was easy to procure during older days, and fur was usually styled in winter too in snowy winters. But now fur has led to its trend by becoming a part of different apparel in different ways, such as a jacket having a layer of fur on its collar. The fur around the neck gives a style and soothes the neck against winter, and keeps the area warmer.



Fleece fabric

Fleece is a lightweight and comfortable fiber that is only advised during cold weather. Fleece is a man-made fiber that is both soft and cosy. It looks stylish to wear in winter. Fleece is breathable and 100% synthetic, which keeps the body warm. Flee is not itchy and is very affordable in comparison to wool. Apparel such as coats, jackets, blazers, sweatshirts, etc., is often made from fleece for daily usage, which is softer and warmer.


5- Leather

Leather fabric

Leather is the shiniest fiber of them all. It looks unique and is very durable. Though the purest form of leather is procured through animals but to prevent and conserve the fauna, many countries have made it illegal to procure leather through animals, and the solution leather is a man-made fiber. Solution leather isn't good as pure leather, the leather is warmer and more durable. Leather is not only durable but is also warmer and looks stylish for both men's and women's apparel. It is a softer, warmer,  comfortable, and tough fabric that maintains its shape and looks like a fresh styling.

6- Corduroy

Corduroy fabric

Corduroy is a velvet-like fiber, used during cold weather. Corduroy was popularized in France and England during the 1700s, which means it is an old material that is yet not known to many to try on. Its softness and strength make it perfect for both thick and thin layering.

 So corduroy is not as functional fiber compared to others but can look stylish if it is carried in the right way.



Down is a puffy-like material that is a high insulator for warmth in comparison to the other fiber. It is a sheet-type material that does not allow cold waves to pass through, and that's why it is considered a good option during winters. It is durable if taken good care of and is very affordable in terms of wool. Usually, down fiber is paired with western clothing in the form of a jacket which gives a chic and a cool look for styling the outfit.

These are some of the most common fibers that are being used for winter apparel. At Darbari, there is all type of fiber that needs to try and must be there in the winter wardrobe. Darbari is home to different fibers with different types of styling. Still, are you confused? Want to see what these type of fabrics looks like? Why are you waiting? Check out Darbari and order your most specified fabric for winters.

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