Different ways to wear dupatta Style with outfits

Dupatta has a special connection with Indian traditional outfits. Everyone loves wearing traditional dresses and loves to explore outfit ideas for the festival season. Dupattas are essential for Indian ethnic attire as they add elegance and grace to the outfits.

Whether, you are wearing Salwar Kameez, Anarkali, lehengas, plazzo, etc., a dupatta is a must. It makes you more culturally bright and finishes the look elegantly. There are designer dupattas, stylish dupattas, ethnic, modern, classic, and other types of dupattas available for different dress styling.

The best thing about Indian wear is its versatility. You will never go out of options. You have hundreds of outfit ideas, dress styling, and methods of creating a new look with the same clothes. In all these things, the dupatta plays a crucial role. The way to drape your dupatta makes it unique and stylish.

Dupatta style is an art that enhances the beauty of the outfit. Every dupatta style gives a new finish to the entire look and adds glamour. Not only Indian people love their traditional wear. People from different sections of the world admire the traditional wear and embrace it. 

Enough about dupatta style. Do you want to know different ways to style dupatta for the outfits? The wait is over. Let's dig into the ways for styling dupatta.

  • The Classic Drape

classic way to style dupatta

You all must have known this simple yet classic way of dupatta style. Before starting with the complicated ones, let's acknowledge the classic styles. It is the easiest and quickest way to drape a dupatta. Women who wear salwar Kameez regularly love wearing this dupatta style. All you have to do is throw your dupatta across your shoulders. It won't bother you while doing any task and will look elegant and classy.

  • One-Side Shoulder Drape

dupatta One-Side Shoulder Drape

It is also known by the name Half-pleated pallus. It is also one of the quickest and easiest dupatta styles. You just have to pleat the dupatta on one side and leave it hanging in the front.

This dupatta style is best suited for Anarkali with designer dupattas or heavy dupatta. It allows you to showcase your neck design. It adds a contrasting view to your outlook, turning heads even in a crowd.

  • Pleat on one end and open on the other

As the fashion industry is evolving and commencing better results, the dupatta styling ideas are also getting interesting.

This style is the best for a dupatta with a thicker border and goes best with a lehengas or Anarkali suit. You need to pleat the dupatta( the entire length of one side) on one shoulder. One-third of the dupatta should remain behind the shoulder. Now to open the pleats of the dupatta in the front, take the upper part and pin it on your other shoulder.

  • Rolling it around your arm

dupatta Rolling it around your arm

If you love wearing lehengas for family events and festival season, this dupatta style is for you. It is just wearing your dupatta across the waist and then  rolling the ends of the dupatta into your arm or wrist from the back side. It's easy to carry and gives you a classy look.

  • Huge Pleats With A Waist Belt

Huge Pleats With A Waist Belt

Adding an accessory to the attire changes the damn look. Why don't you try a waist belt? Huge pleats with a Waist belt are a modern style that is best for Indo-western outfits.

Take your dupatta, make board pleats and pin it up on one side of the shoulder. Make sure to showcase the Zari work if your dupatta. Now tie a sleek belt around the waist and tuck the dupatta inside it.

Embroidered salwar kameez will love this dupatta style. Try a combination of colors as too many designs will make it messy.

  • Cowls Style

Everyone loves lehengas and often wants to add a tint of an Indo-western look to your outfit. Are you bored of styling dupatta on lehengas in the same traditional way? Why not add a little twist?

Cowls style is another stylish style of draping dupatta with  lehengas. Take both the ends of the dupatta on your shoulder, leaving one side open( basically the left side) to form cowls.

  • Cross Draping

dupatta Cross Draping

Cross Draping is an effortless and fashionable dupatta style. It's the best way to add style to a churidars suit with a designer dupatta. Hold your dupatta and bring both the edges along length together and pin them up. Wear them on either side of the shoulder. You can choose to make pleats as it will give a finish to the dupatta style and curve on the shoulder, fall to your waist and be secure right under your thighs.

  • Fully Wrapped

Fully Wrapped dupatta Style

Want to have a princess look? Do you love the royal touch in your outfits? The fully Wrapped dupatta style is the look of a princess. If you have a floral, designer, or embroidered dupatta, this is the perfect dupatta for your dress styling.

You have to drape the dupatta all over yourself, and the look is on point. Huge earrings and semi-open hair will do the work. You will flaunt the look gracefully.

  • Using Two Dupattas At Once

dupatta Style Using Two Dupattas At Once

It may be a surprise to use two dupattas for styling your dress. Many brides have taken this dupatta style as inspiration from celebrities. It doesn't create a chaos, infact looks elegant on the attire. Take two dupattas, one the embroidered one and spread it across your chest, and tuck the lighter dupattas with your arms around the waist.

  • Just fanned one arm.

dupatta Style Using Just fanned one arm

Another dupatta style adding to your collection is the dupatta fanned on one arm. We often have colorful or stiff dupatta in our wardrobe. We always look for ideas to style them. Just drape the dupatta on one side of the shoulder and let it hang freely over your arm. It's a classy way to showcase your beautiful dupattas without flaunting them.

There is no limit on how you style your dupatta. Every day a new statement is getting added to the list. Try the above-given dupatta style and give yourself a new look each day.

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