Ultimate fashion tricks to look slim and gorgeous in a saree

Saree is the ultimate traditional wear to look gorgeous flawlessly. Women have curves, and a saree is the best clothing to flaunt your curves and look pretty.

Everyone loves to wear a saree and desires to look slim and gorgeous in the attire. For this, some try to cut their food and go on dieting. Why being so harsh on yourself when looking slim is all about saree-wearing style?

Thanks to the versatility of Indian dresses, you won't have to wait to get the perfect figure for the desired results. With the best Indian fashion tips and tricks, you can look toned and gorgeous in no time!

If you are still waiting to get in shape for wearing the lovely outfit, then stop waiting. Here are some fashion tips and saree-wearing styles to look gorgeous and beauteous.

Hacks to look slim and in a saree


Why look for something else when fabric can do its magic on your figure? The lightweight material is the key to looking slim in a saree. It automatically makes you look slimmer as it gives your a better shape and flaunts your curves.

The lightweight fabric wraps your body elegantly, giving you a well-fitted look without adding extra bulk. Heavy Banarasi sarees, lyca, and starched cotton sarees are out of the frame. Try light cotton, chiffon, and georgette sarees.

The Double-Edged Sword

Picking up thinner or flimsier fabrics can go wrong. Many recommend wearing sarees made from fluid fabrics to get a slimmer look, but these materials are transparent, clingy, and often slippery.

Other fabrics like net and chiffons stick on the body, making you uncomfortable and conscious of your figure.

Satin, rayon, and other synthetic are slippery and will not drape well. Crepe silk, soft silks, and pure georgette are the best ones.

A Saree With Sleek Border

A Saree With Sleek Border

Apart from the saree-wearing style, one should look for the patterns and prints on the sarees.

Thick or broad borders add volume to your saree, making you look chubby and heavy. Indian dress like a salwar suit and sarees with a sleek border will enhance your personality and make you look slim and tall. Also, plain sarees with thin borders will do wonders. Try to invest in such Indian dresses.

Supporting Components

We all know a saree requires different components like a blouse, petticoat, jewelry, make-up, footwear, and hairstyle. All these components play a vital role in the overall look.

Let's see how these components can work to make you look slim.



Long sleeves blouse creates an illusion of making you look slim, and one should go for it if you have healthy arms. You can choose the length from full sleeves to half sleeves. Long sleeves are the ultimate option to look slim and tall in sarees. Try to wear a well-fitted blouse( not too tight or loose).

If you want to hide your midriff, go for a longer blouse. It will cover all the extra bulges and make you look slim.

What to avoid?

Avoid wearing sleeveless and halter neck blouses. If you have toned arms and narrow shoulders, go for a shimmery or bold-cut blouse.



Petticoat should neither be too tight nor loose. If you have heavier hips, go for the skirt-shape petticoat. You would also find Kallidar petticoats that are fit till the knees and open up in flare for ease of walking.

Petticoats have a huge impact on the shape of your saree because every saree-wearing style purely depends on how appropriate is your petticoat.

Jewelry and Accessories

Simplicity is beauty. Favor minimalism and delicateness while choosing jewelry.

Avoid wearing bold necklaces while wearing big earrings.Kamar-bandh(waist jewelry-) is perfect in the case of an hourglass figure. It highlights your waist.

Carrying a purse on your shoulders isn't a great choice, especially when attending a party or wedding. Carry a clutch or mid-sized clutch in metallic or neutral colors with minimum glitz.

Dark Saree

Dark black Saree

Dark saree means sarees of dark color. Dark colors have the specialty of making you look slim and tall. Try to choose a darker shade saree if you want to look slim.

Now you know the reason for the never-ending fashion of black sarees. A black, navy blue, and darker shades of green will do wonders for your appearance.

Drape it right

The appropriate saree-wearing style determines your figure. Drape your saree neatly and firmly to look slim. Remember to tuck in your saree tightly around your waist and hips. Try on different saree-wearing styles to look slim and jaw-dropping. Make sure to pin your dupatta and pleats to keep everything intact. A loose, poorly draped saree will make you look chubby and create a dull personality.

Tie It Below The Navel

Another excellent hack to look slim in sarees is tying it below the navel. Yes, it does wonders! It will cover all the contours of your saree, leaving you to look elegant. Tying a saree above your navel gives you a stout look.

Pick Delicate Embroidery

Embroidery saree

Embroidery is the key to the Indian fashion industry. Every Indian dress has intricated or simple embroidery.

These prints and motifs are responsible for your appearance.In the case of sarees, go for subtle and petite work instead of bold and big patterns. The more petite the embroidery, the slimmer it will make you look!

Carry yourself well

The best hack to look slim is carrying yourself confidently. Because personality adds charm to your look. Your body language must be stable and confident. Avoid overthinking as it will make you conscious.

Keep your shoulders straight and avoid slouched shoulders. People will keep commenting on your look, so stop listening to negative comments and feel the inner positivity.

Bottom line

The fashion industry is a never-ending tale of hacks and trends. These are some ultimate fashion tips to look slim in a saree. Why don't you try them and see the magic?

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