Saree draping techniques to get a slim look

Hello, beautiful ladies! Welcome to your favorite traditional wear- Darbari. Sarees have been the most dazzling and stunning outfits for women. It's an element that never fails to reveal your persona and beauty.

The trend of wearing a saree is ancient. Other than making you look glamorous and elegant, a saree makes you look slim and tall. You don't have to lose weight or need to have an ideal height. All you need is the perfect draping techniques.

How to drape a saree to look slim?

How to Wear Saree to Look Slim

Draping a saree isn't easy for women and wearing it with poise is even more difficult. Looking slim in a saree depends on the saree draping style. The first thing to keep in mind while saree is to choose the appropriate fabric. Heavy fabrics are not easy to manage and often make you look chubby.

Another thing to notice while saree draping is tucking your saree neatly at the waist so that it doesn't add volume to the look. Pleats formation is another crucial detail that you should look at while draping the saree. Too many pleats will again add volume and make you look fat.

To look slim and tall, drape your saree tightly to avoid extra volume. Also, keeping the palla of the saree open will let you achieve your goal as it hides all the bulges and give you an elegant look.

Other ways to understand how to drape a saree to look slim and tall are putting the pallu on the front, the mermaid-style saree, or the double-layered pallu.

Selection of saree-

Selection of different sarees

  • The pattern and designs of saree also vary the draping style. If you want to look slim in a saree, choose a saree with thin borders and dark colors like navy blue, red, deep gray, and orange as they tone down the breadth amply or draw more attention to the color rather than the frame. Paler shades like peach, pink, and green make it off. Also, two-toned sarees make you look slimmer.

  • Saree draping techniques are alone not responsible for looking slim. The color of the saree also plays a crucial role. Choose a saree that is darker on the top and lighter on the lower section as it withdraws attention from the heavier torso.

  • The best saree-wearing style is going for an all-black look.

Let's discover some saree draping styles that will flaunt your curves and make you happier ad confident about yourself.

Saree draping tips-

Saree draping tips

The Loose Pallu Drape

An all-time favorite and modern draping style to look slim is draping pallu loosely. A loose pallu will keep the torso out of the frame and make you look curvy and stylish. Try to avoid nivi style as it could make you look plump, exposing much of the midriff.

The Mermaid Drape

The modern draping style has many techniques that make you look curvy and slim. The mermaid saree draping style is the easiest one to drape. It elegantly covers the lower portion ( hips), thereby carrying away the attention from the belly portion. The best fabric that offers the best fit of the style is net and chiffons. The pallu is draped in a style that falls in front to cover the extra bulges.

The Front Loop Pallu

The front drape pallu offers you the opportunity and luxury of making the upper body and midriff appear fluid, thus giving you the advantage of draping the saree with ease. Just make sure that the saree is lengthy enough to drape pallu in front. You can get the same material attached to the inner length of the saree and get the extra length.

You can also adapt the Rajrani style instead of draping one corner of the pallu on the shoulder and one in a way that could make the entire breadth of the saree rise more like a dupatta.

This saree draping looks less shabby and flawless with chanderi or silk saree.

Loose Front Pallu

How can someone go wrong with this modern draping style? It's simply beautiful and gives a smooth finish to your look. For a better effect, wear a long-sleeved blouse. The front pallu drape will emphasize the pattern on the blouse and carries away the attention from the midriff. Long-sleeved blouses help in splitting the focus. Therefore the loose front pallu is a perfect saree draping style for all women who are a little heavy and wants to look slim.

The Double Pallu

There are numerous saree draping styles to look slim and tall and one of them is the double pallu.

The logic behind this style is that if one pallu adds a drape on the left shoulder, complimenting the right pallu, the goal of symmetry and slimness is achieved.

When we divide the torso into three segments, it begins to look less prominent. It creates an illusion of slimness and enhances the beauty of your look.

The Jacketed Saree

This one sounds a little weird but is one of the best saree draping styles to look stylish and slim. Do you want to add a twist to your saree? Do you want to wear a saree with a pallu that doesn't fall off and flaunt your figure? Then, a jacketed saree is the best draping style you got.

A jacket or your saree and dupatta around the neck hide all the excess fat and make you look edgy and elegant.

Bottom Line

Have you read all the given saree draping tips that will make you look slim and elegant. These were some of the best draping techniques that are easy and stylish.

Saree is another name for beauty and elegance as it adds charm to the beauty of women. It's an element of traditional culture and fashion.

Try the above saree draping styles and check out which one matches your personality. Don't forget to click selfies and share your secret with everyone.

Darbari is home to your comfort and offers you the best.


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