Tips for choosing the perfect Salwar Kameez for various Occasions

We all know the craze of Salwar Kameez in India. The attire remains the first choice for women for every occasion. Salwar Kameez is an outfit that is famous for its comfort and versatility.

Also, Salwar Kameez is the best way to look traditional and stylish without doing any hard work. Just grab a simple or designer suit, style it with some accessories, and you are ready. The wide range of salwar Kameez and designer suits for women have made it a popular choice.

Over the years, there have been a lot of changes in the designs and style of Salwar Kameez. Whether you are shopping online or offline, you have a range of materials from cotton, velvet, woolen, chiffon, georgette, silk, etc. With such a variety of options for style, design, and material, it becomes difficult for the customers to choose the perfect Salwar Kameez for the occasion.

Darbari is about customers' comfort, and today we will guide you with some tips for choosing the perfect Salwar Kameez for every occasion.

Tips -

  • Know the time of your Event And The Type Of Occasion

designer Salwar Kameez

The time and type of the event are crucial because daytime and night-time require different styles, outfits, and colors. The day events will be good with light color Salwar Kameez, and darker colors like maroon, navy blue, or shades of brown are good to go at night.

Also, you need to keep in mind the type of occasion. For example- you are going for a family lunch, so you will not pick up something heavily embroidery or something that gives you wedding vibes. A simple georgette or cotton Salwar with minimal work or floral pattern will complete your look.

  • Pay attention to your body type.

fat lady Salwar Kameez

Before purchasing Salwar Kameez women, a little bit of search about your body type is necessary. After all, your body type determines the shape and size of your Salwar Kameez.

Nowadays, fashion comes in every shape and style. Analyze your body type, the area around your waist, hip, and bust, and then choose the appropriate Salwar Kameez.

For example, if you are heavier from your tummy and hip than your shoulder, you possess a pear-shaped body. You should try A-line or Salwar Kameez, not tight around the buttocks.

If your shoulder is sturdier, but your waist is slimmer, then you possess an apple-shaped figure. A frock suit or Anarkali will be a good option. For a change, you can try an outfit with a jacket.

 Analyzing your body type will give you an elegant and smooth finish.

  • Don't ignore fabric for fashion.

 Salwar Kameez

Often people choose the fabric irrespective of the season and comfort. Why do you have to compromise your skin's sensitivity and weather when you have clothes available for the season?

One must choose the fabric carefully. Compromising your comfort in the name of fashion is not a wise choice.

For summers, cotton or poly-cotton salwar Kameez will be a great option. Fabrics like satin and silk are good to go for all body types.

  • Experiments with different styles

 Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez women are not limited to a particular style. The fashion experts and designers have experimented a lot and given us endless ladies' suit designs and designer salwar suits for women.

You have palazzo, churidars salwar, short and long kameez, Anarkali suit, Patiala suit, Punjabi suit, and more. Why choose just one style? Try different colors and styles. Pastel colors are in trend, so you should try the pastel color Salwar Kameez. The store is never limited. Experiment with designs and styles of salwar Kameez and increase your fashion statement.

  • Prints and motif matters.

Prints and motif matters Salwar Kameez

Look around and observe the different patterns, prints, and motifs. You must be wondering how prints and motifs are crucial in choosing the perfect Salwar Kameez? Of course, you would not go to a party wearing a suit with minimal embroidery?

A salwar kameez with plain color makes the illusion of height, whereas a scattered print suit looks dazzling and perfect for formal occasions or parties. Embroidery using stones, gota, pearls, and colorful threads makes the attire shimmering and perfect for the party. There is salwar studded with rich motifs and creates a royal look.

A concentrated pattern also helps in creating the illusion of height and slimness. The vertical prints help you look taller and slimmer. The size of the motifs also makes a huge difference. The smaller motifs make you appear slimmer in the outfit. Similarly, the bigger motifs placed horizontally create an illusion of bulk( for thin people).

Now you see how prints can change the whole look of the outfit. You must bring to your notice the illusion of height and weight. If you're looking too short or too tall in the outfit, it's not for you.

  • Never forget your budget.

One thing that you cannot forget about is your budget. The cost of Salwar kameez is an important topic for discussion. Whether you buy salwar kameez online or from stores, it is crucial to ascertain that the fabric, design, and outfit you Have chosen don't burn a hole in your pocket.

If everything is within the budget, go ahead and enjoy your outfit, otherwise look for other options. You will surely get the perfect salwar kameez in your budget. If budget is your problem or you have a problem managing it, then set a price range before buying the salwar kameez. It will help you with your finances.

  • Be confident about yourself.

The best attire you can ever wear is confidence. If you are confident enough, you can look beautiful and elegant, whereas an under confident  nature can make you look dull even in the prettiest outfit.

Whether you are wearing an Anarkali or a Punjabi suit, carry yourself confidently and gracefully.

These were some tips for choosing the perfect Salwar Kameez for every occasion. Next time do keep this in mind before going for shopping salwar kameez.

You can get the latest pattern and designer suit from Darbari at an affordable price. We have the latest collection available both online and at our store.

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