The Definitive Guide To Spring/Summer Denim Fabrics

Denim is a cotton mixed fabric in which the fibres contain two to three types of threads overlapping each other to make a fabric. Denim is something which emblazes the wardrobe and acts as a fashion saver at the last moments. Though denim is old a fashioned style ,it looks like it is a never-ending fashion in the styling.

Now the question arises ,how denim is made from cotton when denim is a dense material compared to cotton fabric. When cotton is harvested and turned into yarn and further sent to get it dyed in indigo coloured to show an effect of blue on the yarn to weave it into a fabric.

Pieces of Denim can be classified based on two methodologies the shuttle loom and the projectile loom. The shuttle loom technique gives a smooth and solid texture to the apparel ,whereas the projectile loom results in delicate edges that need to be secured. For bottoms, denim is a kind of piece that is defined in three major categories’   high-waist, mid-waist and low-waist denim.


Denim is not only about bottoms such as jeans, but it also involves apparel like shirts, skirts, jackets, vests  and accessories like shoes, purses, belts and hats. Now consider denim for bottoms it has various types of looks based on fits:

1- Skinny Straight Denim


The skinny straight fit jeans give an absolutely clean fit to the body but it is assumed that people from Generation Z have lost their interest in these types of bottoms. It is a skinny fit which gives a glimpse of a straight fit.


2-MOM Denim

MOM fit is a relaxed and a comfortable fit which is high waisted. The bottoms look stylish and have enough room for the legs. MOM fit is preferred in summers. It comes in a different type of texture which tends to have more purchases.


3-Bell Bottom

Bell Bottom

Bell bottoms themselves say bottoms shaped in the shape of a bell. These jeans are also known as flared jeans. Bell bottoms give a sharp straight look but are bell shaped at their finishing. Bell bottoms used to be a fashion during the 70s, and now emerging at a faster phase. This denim gives a swanky feel.


4- Radiant Denim 

Radiant Denim

Radiant denim is about different colours in the shades of white, grey, red, black, blue etc. The denim tends to smash a sigma of blue denim only. The different shades of denim give a sense of joyfulness and colourful life.


5- Denim Suits

Denim Suits

Denim suits were popularized during the 2000s ,where denim is worn from head to toes. But slowly the fashion took its styling can now are famous in the form of jumpsuits and dungarees. The denim also looks simple, classy and stylish look.


6- Patchy Denim 

              Patchy Denim

Patchy denim originated during pandemic, where the bottoms give a classic texture and is paired with hats, dresses, jackets and more. Many celebrities have embraced patchy denim.


7- Poly Denim 


Poly denim is a mixture of polyester, cotton and artificial fibre which gives a stretchy fit to the bottoms. 


8- Sanforized Denim 

Sanforized Denim

Sanforized denim is softer and is made from modern denim fabric. Though this denim is less durable but results in good styling.


Denim is constant in the wardrobe where it is a last minute solution in the process of styling. Since there is different kind of bottoms based on Fit and style, there are bottoms which are classified based on their texture, and the quality of the apparel these are:


1-Stretch: Stretchy denim is elastic in terms of fabric and gives flexibility.


2-Crushed: Crushed denim tends to form wrinkles on the fabric which give an informal look to the apparel.


3-Raw: Raw denim gives a rigid and tough texture to the fabric which looks smooth on the surface.


4- Indigo: Indigo denim is mostly dyed in the blue shade where the jeans have 2 types of shade on the bottom, white inside and blue outside.


Further after knowing what is denim, what is denim made up of, and what are different types of denim based on fit and texture, now the most important factors are what to consider while buying denim? To answer this, the most desirable factors while purchasing denim is:

1- FIT

We know there are different types of denim but every denim does have its fit like a bell-shaped, straight fit, skinny fit, joggers fit etc. Denim has its trend which tends to change occasionally. So before buying any random denim, there is a need to analyse for the preferable fit.

2- RISE 

Rise refers to the waist which is high-waist, mid-waist and low-waist. These are the three type of denim waistbands that are available and the basic decision to this depend on the comfort level of person-to-person. High waist denim is above the level of the natural waist. Mid waist rise is the most usual form of denim and is near the natural waist and low waist rise are below the natural waist and go along the hips also known as hip-huggers.

3- WASH 

Washes refer to the splashes of the colour, where it is needed to be decided which type of wash will look perfect. Wash is the last factor to be considered to buying denim. The jeans which are worn-in state are the latest denim which is in trend in a different type of coloured washes. While blue and black is a natural choice, shades like grey, red etc are innovatory choices.

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