Fashioning the Most Stylish Winter Outfits with Fabrics of All Types

Need a stylish outfit for winter? Go with Darbari! The winter is not about warm clothes only, but it also allows you to have a style. Your wardrobe should not be full of woollen outfits during winters, but it should have a chic and warm winter outfit.

So to have a chic and fit wardrobe, it is mandatory to always look into the fabric and material to choose to keep the body warmer. 

Though commonly, wool is the only main fabric that can complement the winters, but  that's not the case.

Let's go through the stylish outfits with different types of fabrics.

1- Daily Outfit 

Walking on the streets and the temperature is dipping down but you still need to look fashionable, and stylish! No worries. Having a denim-made fabric bottom with a warmer coat made up of wool will give you a glimpse of the street style of the outfit.

2- Dresses with boots

In winter going on with the dresses will give you chill but don't worry darbari is there! Want to Style a warmer dress material, consider having velvet and boots. It is a  flawless outfit for lunch and office meetings.

3- Outfit with Scarfs 

The scarf is one of the apparel, that is being used during winter to avoid cold. But have you thought to style your winter outfit using a scarf? Winter apparel scarfs are usually made up of wool, cashmere, Pashmina, silk, and velvet. Pairing a scarf with denim and woollen sweater gives you a teenage, college-going feeling.

4- Pantsuit 

A pantsuit is a unisex apparel where women can have trendy outfits. Having a pantsuit in denim, wool, velvet, etc. All the fabrics have their chic style during winters.

5- Light Pallet Outfit 

Having subtle shades of dark color will enlighten the winter outfit. Considering darker shades in winter is somewhat a myth, but having a lighter wardrobe will enhance the beauty and style during winters.

6- Feathered Outfit 

In the recent trend, the winter outfit, which contains or is made up of feathers is usually in demand. Be it shoes, necklaces, dresses, hats, etc. All apparel that includes feather are in trend and are considered warmer.


These were some of the basic ideas regarding winter outfits.  Now let's discuss the fabrics that are warmer and swifter for winters. Fabric is always an issue while considering an outfit. Be it winter, summer, etc. There is n number of fabrics, but it becomes tough to judge and choose the variety of fabrics with a stylish outfit.

Here are the list of most basic and mostly available fabrics for stylish winter outfits:  


1- Cotton and Tencel

Though cotton is one of the summer inclined fabrics in terms of comfort, cotton is one of the best options, as it is breathable, and wearing cotton or Tencel under a layer will give a natural comfort level.




Silk is a thin layered fabric, but it has the creditability to keep your body temperature and can be comfortable during winters. Thickly layered silk can be a style savior in winter.


3- Viscose 


Viscose is a semi-synthetic material, made from a mixture of wool and artificial fiber. It is the same as rayon. It is less breathable, which will lead to the body being warmer, but it tends to build up the sweat at the same time.




Polyester fabric is made up of plastic which is not breathable. Polyester is considered a good option during winters as it keeps the body warmer and also has a differently styled outfit of it. 


5- Velvet 


Velvet is a chic material that usually gives a party feel. Velvet is made from woven wool and silk, which is considered a good source of producing heat.

Velour is a kind of fiber that is thin in terms of velvet. Also, the velvet will be warmer than velour.




Corduroy is made up of natural fibers like the mixtures of cotton or wool or synthetic material. Fabric that is made from natural fibers is considered as warmer and most durable fabric.


7- Acrylic 


Acrylic is a fabric that is made up of plastic which means it is not breathable and will build up a sweat. Faux is one fiber that is made from acrylic. The fabric is cheap but it can be attractive when purchased.


8- Jersey 


Jersey is one of the fabrics that contribute to winter outfits. Sweatshirts, sweaters, and jumpers are made from jerseys. Jersey is a soft and durable material and has a comfort zone during winters. The elasticity of the jersey results in warmer apparel.


9- Tweed 


Tweed is one of the thick fibers that is an unfinished version of wool. They are mostly involved in the making of coats, dresses, skirts, and suits. Tweed is considered stylish but also guards against the dropping temperature.


10- Wool 

wool fabric

Wool is a natural fiber that is expensive if it's 100% wool. Wool is the warmest fabric to be considered while getting a winter outfit. Wool absorbs moisture which allows the body to regulate the temperature, which means wool keeps warmer and can balance the body temperature.


Moving on there are different ratings for the different fabrics. Based on factual data it is shown that Cotton and Tencel are ranked least with 1/10.

Silks of all types are ranked between 2-5/10. Corduroy and types of denim are ranked 5/10 whereas wool of all types is ranked 7-9/10. Wool that is 100% wool is considered as 10.


So every fabric has its boon and bane. It is always dependent on how to style it. Making the end, a winter outfit is always about style. Having an updated wardrobe will lead to a more stylish, fashionable outfit during the winter season. 


Now you might be thinking of getting it but not sure where to check? Check it on Darbari! At Darbari, the fabric is considered in terms of quality where the most quirky outfit are available. So, what are you waiting for? Just Darbari it!.

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